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UACA encourages all non-state actors in the UAE to join UACA and at any stage of their decarbonization journey. Interested members joining the alliance are required to agree to the UACA Principles and commit to increase its ambition over time through the UACA Joining Member Criteria. For companies, setting credible targets will allow for:

-Increased competitiveness in a changing global market

-Contributing to the UAE’s net-zero target

-Support decarbonization efforts in line with 1.5°C of warming, critical to ensuring we avoid the worst climate change impacts

We work collaboratively with stakeholders to convene, empower and act on the science with all actors to bring solutions and recommendations to the forefront for implementation.
    We need like minded organizations, who believe in science-based and the Paris-alignment decarbonization target to help us accelerate local momentum towards Net-Zero, which is only possible - together.
      Interested UACA members will require commit to align themselves to the alliance principles and joining criteria, with the objective to increase ambition over time.
        Member Category Entry Criteria Suggested Timeline
        Alliance Member We as Alliance Members pledge to:
        1. Climate Action: Participate in dialogue, information-sharing, learning and commit to raising the bar on our organization’s decarbonization journey.
        24 months
        Alliance Achiever We as Alliance Achievers have met the criteria of the Alliance Members and also commit, that we are:
        1. Climate Action: Actively working towards setting a credible, verifiable and transparent net-zero target in greenhouse gases (GHGs) by mid-century at least and will set an interim target to achieve in the next decade a target that reflects our maximum effort towards halving C02 emissions by 2030. Where possible, we will attempt to align to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) methodology. For us multinationals (MNCs), we will work domestically to advance our local ambition and where possible liaising with our global teams who are assessing global targets to feed our experiences into their target setting planning.

        2. Climate Advocacy: Pledge to externally advocate for and align policy engagement to the goal of halving emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050.
        24 months
        Alliance Leader We as Alliance Leaders have met the criteria of Alliance Achievers and also commit that we will:
        1. Climate Action: Announce to UACA a specific timeframe in which we will set a credible and verifiable net-zero target. Where possible, as corporates, we will to commit to SBTi indicating our intention to submit a target for validation within 24 months. For us MNCs with global net-zero targets, we will work domestically and regionally, where possible to ensure deeper integration of our targets to contribute to our global ambition and increase action and implementation.
        24 months
        Alliance Leader+ We as Alliance Leaders+ have met the criteria of Alliance Leader and also commit that we will:
        1. Climate Action: have publicly released our verifiable and credible 2030 and 2050 net-zero target or target is verified by SBTi

        2. Climate Advocacy: Identify ways to embed nature in our net-zero plans and will propose new projects to protect biodiversity and halt deforestation. We also commit to finding ways to invest in finding ways to go beyond our value chain to achieve global net-zero.
        No time limit
        UAE Climate Alliance Principles

        Based on the desired spirit of the alliance UACA will require members to pledge to align themselves to not only the joining criteria of the alliance but also the alliance principles:

        • ⅰ. Credibility: Members will aim to push for credible, transparent, verifiable near and long term 2050 net-zero targets and action to align to the Paris Agreement.
        • ⅱ. Transparent: All alliance members, stakeholders and supporters will be as transparent as possible when sharing their experiences, challenges, progress and more.
        • Ⅲ. Collaborative: Members will enter the alliance with a truly collaborative spirit.
        • Ⅳ. Progressive & Ambitious: While non-state actors are encouraged to join at any point in their journey, members will strive to be as ambitious as possible and rachet up their ambition over time for the collective group to push towards greater adoption of emission cuts to keep warming to 1.5°C.
        • Ⅴ. Member-Driven: Members will participate in deciding what content, reports, surveys, webinars, whitepapers and more should be explored. This is to ensure that the content and products developed are in line with needs of members and serve a specific need.
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