What is UACA?

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Project Objectives

  • 1. A surge of ambition and action at the sub-national level to give national stakeholders the opportunity to rachet up ambition.
  • 2. Address policy barriers which will further increase ambition and implementation;
  • 3. Increase amount of Sub-national and non-state actors (SNSAs) setting credible, transparent and verifiable net-zero near and long terms targets and to drive implementation and action;
  • 4. Build a whole of society approach to collaborate in activating policy and solutions to achieve net-zero for the UAE by 2050.

The window to close the gap on global emissions and stay within a 1.5°C world is rapidly decreasing. The next decade will be critical in ensuring that global emissions are cut in half in order to attain the target of net-zero emissions by 2050. To date, it is estimated that 128 countries, 116 regions, 234 cities and 699 companies have either achieved, put into law, proposed legislation, put into policy documents or are discussing a net-zero target. The countries, regions, companies and cities cover approximately 88% of global emissions.

We believe that in order to achieve scalable momentum, business leaders and non-state actors must be given the tools, knowledge, visibility and increase overall collaboration to achieving the Paris Agreement. This will help them to better understand the value of decarbonizing and join the race to increase ambition and implementation. This increased momentum will impact overall momentum and ambition and most importantly, action.

Emirates Nature-WWF is proud to announce the first UAE tailored alliance for climate action, named UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA). UACA is an alliance of stakeholders to increase momentum of paris-aligned targets and see greater collaboration.

UACA is convened by Emirates Nature WWF whose mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the environment for the benefit of society. We partner with individuals and institutions to achieve science-based solutions to combat climate change and safeguard the seas, the land and their associated biodiversity.


UACA recognizes the importance of cooperation and collaboration to build a whole-of-society approach. To do this, UACA will work with stakeholders that are already operating in the space of net-zero so that collaboratively we achieve the ambition of the UAE Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative and the Paris Agreement.

  • Part of the Global Alliance for Climate Action

    UACA is proud to be the 10th Alliance for Climate Action and the first in the MENA region. Alliances for Climate Action (ACA) is a network of national alliances dedicated to driving ambitious climate action. These national alliances are unique because they include a diversity of voices representing over 6,000 climate leaders from nearly every sector of society—state, local, and regional governments; companies and investors; academic and cultural institutions; tribal organizations and faith communities; healthcare institutions, and civil society across key geographies including the Global South.

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  • Founding Donor:

    We are grateful to the philanthropic funding provided by HSBC as our first founding donor supporting the implementation of UACA.

  • Partner Organizations:

    UACA is working with like-minded organizations to collaborate on driving mutual objectives of net-zero implementation and in supporting UACA members achieve greater impact. UACA is proud to work with UAE civil society actors such as:

    img Clean Energy Business Council
  • Technical Partners:

    UACA is also partnering with knowledge partners with expertise in decarbonization target setting and implementation and is proud to be working with:

    img Boston Consulting Group
  • Endorsed by:

    img Ministry of Climate Change and Environment